Greenery Business

1955 The First Sprinkler was introduced to Japan

Kazuyuki Masumitsu, the founder of Sun Hope, International Co., Ltd introduced the first sprinkler to Japan while he was working with a subsidiary company of the Oregon Agriculture Machinery Company (USA) and he exhibited the sprinkler in the American Hall at the Osaka International Expo.





@@Father of Micro Sprinkler

Father of Micro Sprinkler


1968@The first Israeli Sprinkler was introduced to Japan

Kazuyuki Masumitsu introduced to Japan the first Israeli sprinkler thatfs main focus was to conserve water to Japan when he went back to the Osaka International Expo. This new line of sprinklers was then added to the line of American sprinklers.


1973@The first plastic sprinkler was introduced to Japan

Kazuyuki Masumitsu was on the board of director for the Oregon Agriculture Machinery Company and as he continued to make sprinklers popular in Japan, he then introduced and began distributing a small plastic sprinkler in Japan. This type of sprinkler was already well established in the market in many other countries.



Receive award from Israel Ambassado

Receive award from Israel Ambassador


1974@Eiwa Sprinkler (later ES Waternet) was established

In 1974, Kazuyuki Masumitsu was offered a position to start a new company, as part of a division of the Daifuku Company. This was when the Eiwa Sprinkler Company was started and this company concentrated on their distribution of irrigation products.




First sprinkler at International Expo

First sprinkler at International Expo.


1976@Sun Hope Inter Trade was established

Kazuyuki Masumitsu established his own company called Sun Hope Inter Trade Company in Yokohama, Japan. He then began traveling all over the world searching for the best products that would fit into the Japanese market, thus specializing in irrigation products.



1977@Sun Hope International, Co., Ltd became incorporated

Kazuyuki Masumitsu with the start of his newly founded company; distributed micro sprinklers as well as one of Sun Hopefs original products called the gSun Riser setRh. This unique product the gSun Riser setRh was exhibited at the International Trade Show in Tokyo, Japan.


1978@Import started of a high performance disk filter

Arkal (Israel) disk filter had begun to be imported and this product had also been one of the longest and best selling products of the Sun Hope Company. Sun Hope during this year began to offer a seminar to their customers once every couple of years to help their customers become educated and informed about all of their products.


1979@Frost Protection with sprinkler was introduced

In 1979, Japanese farmers did not understand or believe how frost protection worked, even though the technology had already been proven in many other countries. Therefore Kazuyuki Masumitsu decided to go door to door to each and every Japanese farmer to teach and introduce his knowledge of the frost protection technology.



Frost Protection at tea orchard

Frost Protection at tea orchard


1981@Tea orchards were saved

Kazuyuki Masumitsufs hard work paid off and at the same time history was made. The Frost Protection sprinkler was eventually used and it saved the Tea Orchards from freezing in the year of 1981. TV and magazine media picked up on this news quickly and it began to spread all through Japan. The Frost Protection with sprinkler combined with Sun Hopefs original product gSun Riser setRh had now created an affordable irrigation system and it hit the market in a gigantic way.


1982@gHanger Spray seth for green house irrigation was introduced

Sun Hope introduced their original overhead sprinkler system called gHanger Spray setRh, which was combined with blue tubes and orange weights and is also free from pipes that normally come up from the ground. This new overhead system hit the green house market with excitement and became Sun Hopefs newest and best selling product.


Hanger Spray Kit

Hanger Spray setR


1983@Agricultural Technical Award

A tea farmer named Kamimizuen who used Sun Hopefs frost protection system was awarded an Agricultural Technical Award by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. The award promoted Kamimizuen and Kazuyuki Masumitsu to begin touring all over Japan to educate this new technology to farmers.





Award tea grower survived from frost protection on pap

The awarded tea grower survived from severe frost was introduced on paper


1986@Double Wall Drip Tape was introduced

Several types of drip tape were currently in the market at this time, however during this year the first drip tape by Chapin (USA) was introduced to Japan. This high quality tape is still known today as one of the best products in Japan.


1990@Fertilizing dosing pump was introduced to Japan

Dosatron (France) dosing pump was in high demand for the fertilizing cultivation that was spotlighted in the Japanese agriculture market. This fertilizing dosing pump operates only with water movement and high efficiency, there is no electricity needed it was just like a dream machine.


1993@Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Guide Book was published

In 1993, under the supervision of Dr. Hisao Anyoji, and Agriculture Technology Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture edited and published a book that was part of the monthly articlefs that Kazuyuki Masumitsu had been writing since 1992 for the magazine gFarmland Agricultureh and was published by Farmland Agriculture Association.



Micro Sprinkler Text

Micro Sprinkler Text


2002@Reverse Umbrella an overhead sprinkler system was introduced

Sun Hope added a new product to the gHanger Spray setRh, according to the market needs Sun Hope created an original product called gReverse Umbrellah.




Reverse Umbrella

Reverse Umbrella


2003@Hiromi Masumitsu Smith was appointed as the new president.

More than 10 years prior to join Sun Hope, Hiromi Masumitsu Smith traveled with her father founder Kazuyuki Masumitsu to various Irrigation Expofs and suppliers through the United States and Europe. With lead to her extensive exposure to irrigation industries, Hiromi Masumitsu Smith developed an abundant of knowledgeable technical and developmental information on a wide variety of irrigation products.


new president

new president


2005@New product for frost protection system was introduced

The Nelson Irrigation Corporation (USA) added a new application to Sun Hopefs frost protection system that helped increase the products performance. After the testing of several frost protection products, Yamagata agricultural administration organizes under the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture recommended the one of our new products to be published as the best system in the guide book in regards to frost protection for pear application out of all of the frost protection products on the market. 


frost protection system

frost protection system


2007@New Drip Tube with new supplier

In 2007, Sun Hope introduced inline drip tubes with their new supplier Plastro (Israel). This new inline drip tube added along with the fertilizing dosing pump became a new drip fertigation system that helped establish a new high technology, quality and performance product for Sun Hope. Along with the introduction of this new product Sun Hope has also begun to offer a seminar in regards to the technology, and an in depth education on how the products work and how it will benefit the growers.


2010@Versatile Side Irrigation System was added to the line-up

In 2010, a brand new concept of irrigation system was introduced as a versatile side irrigation system, with low emission and with high uniformity, to satisfy the needs of wide range applications. It was launched with big expectation to fulfill the product line-up of Sun Hope, from drip irrigation to overhead sprinkler systems, and to be the beginning of the new generation Sun Hope product with unique naming gHannenrakuh which describes the characteristics of the system just right.